Mission, Vision, and Belief Statements

Mission Statement (What We Do)

In collaboration with our community, we will provide engaging and differentiated learning opportunities to empower all students to achieve success.

Vision Statement (Where We Want to Be)

At Springdale Elementary, children and learning come first.  In order to reach their full potential, every student will strive for continuous growth, learning, and career success.

Belief Statements (What Guides Us)

  • Children are our first priority.  Every decision and action must be based on their needs.
  • All children can learn.
  • School is part of a life-long learning process leading to new knowledge and personal growth.
  • All students deserve an education that is innovative with skills in technology, research practices, healthy lifestyles, creativity, and performance.
  • In order to cultivate the whole child, the learning environment must be a safe, collaborative, risk-taking community.
  • Learning should consist of a variety of educational experiences that provide physical, social, and intellectual development.
  • Differentiated instruction is critical to meet the individual needs of all students.
  • Parental involvement and community collaboration are essential for a well-rounded education.