Mission, Vision, and Belief Statements

Mission Statement (What we do):

In partnership with our community, Springdale Elementary celebrates a positive learning environment to support the whole child in becoming a life-long learner and global citizen.

Vision Statement (Where we want to be):

At Springdale Elementary, our vision is to foster self-directed, critical thinkers through innovative and intentional instruction.

Belief Statements (What Guides Us)

  • Children are our first priority.  Every decision and action must be based on their needs.  
  • All children can learn. 
  • School is part of a life-long learning process leading to personal growth and knowledge. 
  • All students deserve an innovative education, rich in technology, research practices, healthy lifestyles, creativity, and performance.  
  • In order to cultivate the whole child, the learning environment must be safe, collaborative, and supportive. 
  • Learning consists of a variety of educational experiences which promote physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.  
  • Differentiated instruction is critical to meet individual needs of all students.  
  • Family involvement and community collaboration are essential for a well-rounded education.