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SIC Info & Contacts

Springdale Elementary became a Title I School in 2021.  The purpose of a Title I program is to ensure that all students demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on state academic achievement standards. Springdale's SIC / Title I Planning Committee includes elected teachers, elected parents, and appointed community members.  The committee develops a plan each year with reform strategies to help our students attain high levels of achievement.


Additionally, the SIC / Title I Planning Committee develops a School-Family Compact and a Parent Engagement Policy outlining duties that all of us should follow.  These documents are located on our website under the SIC / Title I tab.  If you would like to comment or give input on the Parent Engagement Policy or School-Family Compact, or if you have a suggestion for our SIC / Title I Planning Committee, you may use the contact information below. 


SIC / Title I Chair person:  Jessica Dorn - email

Springdale Principal:  Annette Ariail - email

Springdale Elementary Phone:  803 739 - 4175