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Congaree Office Staff

Office Staff:  Mr. Becker, Mrs. Vrana, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Bingham, Mrs. Carr, and Ms Palmer

K4 Teachers

4-Year Old Kindergarten Teachers: Mrs. Ward and Ms McCarthy

K5 Teachers

5 Year Old Kindergarten Staff:  Mrs. Beveridge, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Poovey, and Mrs. Smith

1st Grade Teachers

First Grade Teachers:  Mrs. Prosser, Mrs. Tynes, and Mrs. Sightler

2nd Grade Teachers

Second Grade Teachers:  Mrs. Grant, Ms Catalano, Mrs. Keaton, and Mrs. Wiley

Third Grade Teachers

Third Grade Teachers:  Mrs Rushe, Mrs. Sturgis, and Mrs. Blaum

4th Grade Teachers

Fourth Grade Teachers:  Ms Murad, Ms Bullard, Mrs. Broome, Ms Bishop, and Ms Howell

5th Grade Teachers

Fifth Grade Teachers:  Ms Teseniar, Mrs. Brantly, Mrs. Kyzer, Ms Slover

ED Self Contained Staff

ED Self Contained Staff: Ms Jamison, Mrs. Crout, and Ms Morton

Special Services Staff

Special Services Staff:  Mrs. Ratteree, Mrs. Jaramillo, and Ms Willoughby

AEP Teacher

AEP Teacher:  Mrs. Jenkinson

Special Areas Teachers

Special Areas Teachers: Ms Filaseta, Mrs. Shake, Coach McMackin, Mrs. Davis, Ms Graves, and Mrs O'Neal

Reading Specialists

Reading Specialists: Mrs. Hutton, Mrs. Harrelson, Mrs. Williams, and Mrs. Miller

Custodial Staff

Defender Custodial Staff

Cafeteria Staff

Cafeteria Staff

Springdale Staff 20-21

Springdale Elementary Staff  February 10, 2021

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WATCH: 2019-2020 Report to the People

Our superintendent shares highlights from the 2019-20 school year, including updates on construction projects and some of the year's academic highlights
Report to the People
Mrs. Hope Vrana, Principal

Principal's Message

A Message from our Principal:
Welcome to Springdale Elementary School! I am proud, honored, and thrilled to serve as the principal of SES! Our ultimate goal is to cultivate students who are problem-solvers, effective communicators, and lifelong learners. We base much of our planning for students around the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. The profile focuses on world class skills such as creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, and being an effective communicator.
It also focuses on instilling life and career characteristics in our students, such as integrity, self-direction, perseverance, and interpersonal skills. Our Dolphins DIVE PBIS system is in action as we encourage students to Dive, Interact well with others, Value their education and Encourage self and others. Through this system, we firmly believe that we are addressing the needs of the "whole child."
Through strategic planning and intentional instruction, our teachers are striving to ensure that each and every student we serve exhibits the world class skills and life and career characteristics that are a part of the Profile.
Hope E. Vrana

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