How to Change Your Child’s Instructional Model

November 12, 2020
Dear Lexington Two Families:
Today, select groups of students returned to in-person instruction five days a week.
With a successful transition, all remaining Lexington Two elementary, middle and high
school students not currently enrolled in the full-time Lexington Two Virtual Academy
will return five days a week on Wednesday, December 2.
Should you want to request a change to your child’s instructional model -- to
move either from in-person five days a week to the full-time Virtual Academy, or
from the Virtual Academy back to in-person five days a week -- then you must do
so between Monday, November 23 and Friday, December 11, by sending an email
request to This will be the final time this school year
that we will accept change requests. Requests will only be considered on a
space-available basis.
Your child’s instructional change, if granted, would be effective January 4 for elementary
and middle school students, February 4 for high school students.
The time frame for change requests will allow parents whose children have returned to
five-day-a-week instruction by December 2 the chance to evaluate the in-person model.
Likewise, parents whose children are in the full-time Virtual Academy can evaluate the
opportunity for in-person instruction.
After December 11, all students who have not submitted instructional change requests
will remain in their assigned instructional models through the end of the 2020-21 school
As a reminder, Lexington Two has instituted the following safety measures for in-person
● The district is installing up to 6,000 additional Plexiglass dividers for student
desks, to supplement social distancing to the greatest extent possible within
● Masks are required for students, staff and visitors on district property, on
district transportation, and while attending school-related activities.
● Thorough cleaning/disinfecting of classrooms, restrooms, cafeterias, hallways,
offices and other school spaces is completed prior to the arrival of students
and again with the departure of faculty and administrators at the end of each
school day. Misting machines are used in each school and on buses for
● Wipe-downs are done throughout the school day of high-touch areas such as
door knobs, sink handles, paper towel dispensers, light switches, cafeteria
tables and commonly used equipment.
● Disinfectant products are available in classrooms so that high-touch items and
surfaces can be cleaned frequently.
● Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout schools.
● Cleaning/disinfecting of playground equipment is done after each recess
schedule, with athletic equipment cleaned and disinfected daily.
● Socially distanced movement in the halls is used, with teachers changing
classrooms whenever possible rather than students.
● Reduced capacity and social distancing are used in cafeterias, and free
pre-packaged meals are offered to all students
Lexington Two continues daily monitoring of COVID-19 cases. We post and update
weekly information about COVID-19 cases in our schools, as well as protocols for
handling cases, on our district and school websites:
Should you have any questions about change requests, please email them to