Wanted: Your original artwork for holiday cards

Each year, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) requests artwork from students in the NSBA president’s home school district to use for its holiday card.  As you may know, Lexington Two Board member Beth Branham serves as president of NSBA this year. 

The NSBA would like for Lexington Two students to submit their artwork to be considered for the front of the group's card. Below is some information to assist with this process.  All school entries must be submitted together, in a JPEG or PDF format, via email to Frieda Bingham at [email protected] by October 31  Samples of cards from previous years are attached.


  • The NSBA encourages artwork designs from all ages: elementary, middle, or high school students.
  • No religious themes in the artwork.
  • Students can use any medium to design (crayons, pencils, paint, watercolors, pastels, charcoal, markers, etc.)


NSBA staff will review submissions and select a design for the holiday card.  Once a design for the holiday card has been chosen, staffers will notify you which student’s artwork was selected so you may notify the student. You will be asked to get permission from the student and their parent(s), including have them sign a release form, to use the design (to be provided).

The back of the card, which is designed by NSBA, will have the student’s name, grade, and school, as well as the NSBA President’s information (ElizaBeth Branham, Lexington School District 2). 
NSBA will send a poster-size print of the artwork to the student’s school and send the student 10 cards for his/her use.

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