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Policies and Procedures

Parents and guardians, please refer to the following documents for any questions or concerns you may have regarding Springdale Elementary School's Policies and Procedures. 


As part of the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, districts and schools are required to report to the South Carolina Department of Education the number of students who are chronically absent each year.  According to the United States Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights (OCR), an absent student is one who misses 50 percent of the instructional day for any reason and regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused.  In other words, students must attend class for at least half the instructional day to be considered fully present for that day.
Using this new definition, the OCR requires states to report the number of students in each district and school who are absent at least 10% of the time during which they are enrolled in a particular school or district.  More specifically, students who are enrolled in the same school for the entire academic year and miss 18 or more days (10 percent) will be considered chronically absent.  The total number of chronically absent students will be included on district and school report cards and reported to the OCR.
Chronic absenteeism is not the same as truancy.
Chronic Absenteeism Truancy
Chronically Absent: Any student in grade K-12 who misses 50 percent or more of the instructional day for any reason for 10 percent (or more) of the enrollment period.
All types of absences contribute to chronic absenteeism:
- Excused absences
- Unexcused absences
- Suspensions
A student is absent if he or she is not physically on school grounds and is not participating in instruction or instruction-related activities at an approved off-grounds location for the school day.
Truant: A student between the ages of 6 and 17 who has accumulated unexcused absences on three consecutive days or has accumulated a total of five or more unexcused absences during the academic year.
- Only full-day unexcused absences contribute to truancy.
- Excused absences and suspensions do not affect truancy.

Lexington School District Two Attendance Policy and Laws

Any student who misses school must present a written excuse.
  • Any student that accumulates more than ten absences faces the possibility of being retained.
  • When your child is absent, you must turn in a medical note or parent note within ten days of his/her return to school.
  • A parent note will only be accepted if the absences are considered to be lawful.
  • If notes are not handed in within the specified time frame, your child's absences may be considered unlawful.
  • There are serious consequences for unlawful absences.
Lawful Absences
  • Absences that are excused by a doctor or other medical professional
  • Death in the immediate family (parent, grandparent, or sibling)
  • A recognized religious holiday
  • Special circumstances approved in advance by the principal (Teachers do not have the authority to approve absences for special circumstances.  You must get approval from an administrator.)
  • If your child has a chronic or extended illness, you should call the school and discuss the option of homebound instruction.  You must have medical documentation verifying the need for this request.
  • Participation in a school-related activity with prior approval of the principal
  • If your child is ill and you are unable to take them to the doctor, he/she may go to the nurse by the start of the school day for an assessment.  If the nurse determines that the student is ill based on DHEC's exclusionary criteria, then the student's absence will be considered lawful for that day.
Unlawful Absences
  • An unlawful absence is any absence that is not excused under the conditions mentioned above.
  • A student who accumulates three consecutive or five total unlawful absences within an academic year is considered to be truant under the South Carolina Code of Laws Compulsory School Attendance Act.
  • The parent of a student who accumulates three consecutive or five total unlawful absences will be asked to complete an Attendance Improvement Plan (AIP).
  • If a student accumulates more than 10 unexcused absences, a referral will be made to at least one of the following: Lexington County Family Court, Department of Social Services, Lexington Two District Social Worker.
  • Parents found guilty of educational neglect may be placed under court order and fined up to $50 a day, and/or imprisoned for up to thirty days in jail for each unlawful absence thereafter.
  • Students between the ages of twelve and seventeen years of age may be prosecuted for truancy in Lexington County Family Court.  This could result in the child being placed on an order to Attend School, placed in a Department of Juvenile Justice facility for a period of 30 to 90 days, and/or placed on probation.
  • A court order may remain in effect until a child reaches 18 years of age or completes high school.



Purpose: To establish the basic structure to provide an educational atmosphere conducive to learning. With this responsibility in mind, the board adopts this dress code, which meets the following criteria:

  • Adheres to applicable legal standards
  • Is applicable for all schools
  • Promotes a wholesome educational atmosphere conducive to learning.

The basic responsibility for the appearance of the students of Lexington School District Two rests with the parents and the students themselves.  Parents have the obligation and, within certain prescribed bounds, the right to determine their children’s dress; however, the following guidelines must be followed.

  • Attire must not be destructive to school property (For example: soccer, football or baseball cleats, golf shoes, etc. must not be worn in the building);
  • Dress must comply with the health and safety codes of the state of South Carolina;
  • Dress must not interfere with the educational process or the rights of others;
  • Shower shoes, flip flops that have a flexible sole, and bedroom shoes are prohibited from wearing at school. For health and safety purposes, any open toe shoe may be deemed unsafe for a student to wear if participating in certain activities such as recess, physical education, vocational classes, assemblies, pep rallies, outside events and other such school related activities deem by the administration.
  • Headwear or hair rollers are prohibited in the building;
  • Sunglasses are prohibited in the building unless they are prescribed;
  • Any garment that exposes bare midriffs at any time, see-through garments, clinging and revealing material, white undergarment type t-shirts, bare backs, halter tops, low-cut blouses, and tank tops are prohibited;
  • Obscene, profane language, provocative pictures, advertisement of drugs or alcohol, or racial messages or slurs on clothing or jewelry are prohibited;
  • Shorts, miniskirts, and culotte-type clothing are allowed with the following restrictions:  
    • Said garments must be no shorter than “fingertips” in length when worn within the waistline area and must be no higher than mid-thigh when seated; and
    • May not be made of clinging material such as, but not limited to, biker shorts and pants, surfer pants form fitting knit material, and any type of sleep/night clothing including pajamas or night gowns;
  • Pants must be worn within the waistline area at all times (no “sag and bag”). If belts are worn, they must be secured within the waistline area to the pants;
  • Dog collars, chains, etc. are prohibited.
  • The wearing of clothing, hair arrangements or other personal adornments or embellishments to include tattoos which are disruptive or interfere with the regular operations of school is expressly prohibited.
  • The presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory or any manner of grooming which, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, symbol or any other attribute, which indicates or implies membership or affiliation with a gang or secret society, is prohibited.
  • Heelies and wheelies (shoes with wheels) are not allowed.

School administrators will be responsible for enforcing the student dress code. A teacher who recognizes that a student’s garment violates these guidelines will refer the student to an administrator, who will judge the appropriateness of the garment. If the garment violates the dress code policy, the student will not be permitted to attend classes until the inappropriate garment is replaced. A teacher will be allowed to restrict the manner of dress or length of hair when it pertains to the health and/or safety or other requirements of a student in that teacher’s specific area.



Lexington District Two has district-wide elementary/middle and high school discipline policies that are mandated. The purpose of these policies is to ensure that all students receive fair and consistent discipline when schools rules and/or state laws are violated.

Copies of this policy or a summary thereof will be transmitted at the beginning of school to parents/guardians. This policy lists a schedule of offenses (Categories I through IV), who handles them (teacher, administrator, law enforcement) and the codes for actions required to be taken (detention, suspension, expulsion).

The board believes that school safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, the board supports a ZERO TOLERANCE discipline approach aimed at creating schools that are free from the problems of dangerous weapons, and drugs or alcohol. ZERO TOLERANCE specifically carries an immediate recommendation of expulsion for any student who KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY possesses or transfers weapons, and drugs or alcohol at school or any school-sponsored event. The terms “knowingly and willingly” shall NOT apply to students who immediately SELF-REPORT a violation to a school official and the automatic recommendation for expulsion MAY not apply. The self-reporting exception applies when a student immediately reports the possession of a contraband item to a school official upon discovery. The self-reporting exception DOES NOT apply when evidence indicates that the student knowingly and willingly possessed illegal contraband which they failed to self-report prior to school officials becoming aware of the incident.



We do not allow early dismissals or changes to dismissal plans after 2:00 PM (11:00 AM on Early Release days and 12:00 on half days) in order to assist us in the smooth and safe dismissal of our students.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.



We may delay or close school when severe weather creates hazardous road conditions. To find out if school will be delayed or closed, please turn to any of the following radio or television stations and listen for the announcement. In most cases, a decision will be made by 6:00 a.m. The following stations are on our list to be notified of school delays or closing:

Television: WIS WOLO WLTX




A uniform grading policy applies to all South Carolina schools. The Lexington Two grading scale for grades 3-12 is as follows:

  • A = 90-100
  • B = 80-89
  • C = 70-79
  • D = 60-69
  • F = 0-59